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22Sep 2016

Three Free Good Websites that all Every Internet Marketers Should Use

keyword researchI cannot put much stress enough about how important it is for a good Internet Marketer to have knowledge about what marketing keywords they should use for promoting their products, and how much is their competition willing to pay me for the same keywords. This may seem a complicated process, but it actually isn’t. This article will discuss three free good websites that every internet Marketers can use to find this related information.

Let us first talk about ‘keywords’… When I say the word ‘keywords’, I’m referring mostly to marketing keywords. These are words which your potential customers will use to describe the product. These are similar words that some user would type in an online search engine to look for your products.

If you own a business website and still don’t know which proper marketing keywords your website is levered to, then having the website is certainly a huge disadvantage for you. Why? Because you will be fast losing business. And you can surely bet that the main opponent competition is well aware of their marketing keywords, and they will strategically use these keywords on the website and also in advertisements.

You see, when the search engine spiders crawl your website, they look for good text in your website which can be indexed and used for describing the relevant content of your website. If your website does not have the proper keywords which people use to look for your product, then your website won’t show up in their search results. So what your website really need is to be optimized with good and relevant marketing keywords which majority of people use while looking for your product.

Another good example where it is crucial to have knowledge about your marketing keywords is while using ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC) advertising. The Pay-Per-Click advertising is conducted through the search engines where you will pay each time a user clicks on the advertisement (or link). Your advertisement will highlight after a user arrives at the search engine and does a keyword search. The search engine then has a look at their submitted keyword and then cross references them with the keywords related to the PPC advertisements. If they match somehow, the PPC advertisements are then returned to the users’ verified search results. Just go ahead and conduct a search in Google. The advertisements you would see towards the right-hand side of the screen are the mentioned PPC ads.

(Note: The way in which the PPC ads are returned back depends on the price you would pay for each click, the search engine used, and also the ad Click-Through Rate

Let us look at the process of for finding good keywords for a website.

1) Go to the good Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

Enter some good keywords into the text box which according to you people would use to search for the product. After you finish that, click on the submit button. You will then be directed to specific and similar related keywords. Write down the keywords that you think people would relate to your product.

2) Go to the good Overture Keyword Selector Tool:

Enter any keyword that you have typed from step 1, then click on the right-arrow button. This will give you the facility to see which keywords are the foremost popular in Overture. Always Note: the widely known keywords aren’t always the most well appropriate. For example, if a website sells guides on how to reconstruct a 57 Chevy, then you might probably want to specifically target the ’57 Chevy’ keywords, rather than the less specific only ‘Chevy’ keyword. Why? It is because you want to get your website in front of other potential customers who would purchase your product.

The above mentioned two websites would give you a superb keyword list which you can use to successfully optimize your website. But if you wish to advertise it using PPC, you do need to know all about the payment your competition is doing for the keywords. This is also an easy task.

3) Go to the good Overture Bid Tool

Enter the keywords in the text box, and click on the search button. This will return back the Overture bids for that specific keyword. The highest bids are most likely get highest placements – which means the ads are closer placed to the top position of the first page of the search results of the user. The goal is to achieve as higher your budget would allow to the topmost position to ensure maximum exposure and highlights your advertisement.

So there you have it all… three great good websites which that can help your online Internet marketing campaigns – and to the best of it, they are available free to use!

14Sep 2016

4 “Must Know” Tips To Follow For Pricing Your Services

service providersOne of the worst moments in the life of a business owner are the silent moments between when you quote your rates to a potential client and then his response. It is true that though hardly a second goes by, but it can all feel like an eternity.
“Will he hire me eventually?”
“Did I go out too high?”
And when he finally says “YOU’RE HIRED!” new doubts start creeping over you…

“Should I have gone much higher?”

“Did I lowball the price enough to get a client?”

You know the feeling. You got the good job, the project and the new client and it almost always turns out to be more work than you what thought when you signed up for the task. Always be sure that you know your worth and then communicate it to the client up front. 

13Sep 2016

Two Things Your Ecommerce Website Always Must Have

ecommerceOnline shopping is the latest trend adopted by customers. Why would anyone go to the shop personally when they can do shopping from the comforts of your own home online? Due to the rising popularity of online shopping, more and more businesses are establishing their own ecommerce websites in order to meet the needs of customers and earn huge bucks online.

There is a bright future for ecommerce websites. As long as there are needs which are to be met, there will always be customers available. For the ecommerce website owners, earning money online is easier. If people require your products and services, your website will always stay alive as long as you want.

12Sep 2016

Social Bookmarking – An Efficient and Acceptable Blog Marketing Method

social bookmarking sitesSocial bookmarking websites have over the years gained much popularity. They allow the user to save bookmarks online and tag or categorize them with relevant keywords instead of saving them as bookmarks in the ‘favorite’ list of the browser. This is useful when in cases when the browser based bookmarks becomes unwieldy. It is also helpful as the user can access the bookmarks from any computer having an internet connection.

After you have bookmarked them, you can view them anytime, categorize them by keywords or can also view links from other categorized stuff.

11Sep 2016

Ways to invest in Internet Marketing

internet marketingI was recently referred to a prospective client who had their website redesigned. For a website which is of no use to them, they paid $60,000. The website is a simple brochure site with nothing to give to the visitors and there is absolutely nothing which would convert traffic to sales. Whatever budget they spent went only in the design and they were then left with no money to later market the site. Here Mistake #1, don’t pay $60,000 just for a branding exercise.

A corporate website is all about supporting businesses. The beauty of the Internet service is that there is no guessing. One can measure almost anything. What are you looking to accomplish in Internet? Increase your site traffic? To generate leads? Increase the sales? If your answer is a yes to any of these questions, then a $60,000 investment done should get you another $600, 00 to your bottom-line? Can just a brochure site deliver 80-95% ROI?

10Sep 2016

7 Ways To Transform Your Traffic Into Money

indian moneyIf you are the owner of a website, you can profit from also the tiniest number of visitors your site receives without wasting traffic.The KEY to that is to leverage each visitor and to make sure you have a monetization strategy in your mind. Once you get this ready, you are sure to make any website profitable with just little effort. You can make a lot of money by following a few of the steps we have listed.

Following are listed 7 basic ways which can bring in profits from your traffic today:

1. Sell a product/service

First you have to sell a product or service to the visitors. This is the best and effective way to cash in from one’s own product. In many cases, usually an e-book or any software works the best– they are easier to download at that given moment without any hassle or shipping charges.

8Sep 2016

How can you be an affiliate marketer in just 3 steps

affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing refers to an arrangement between an online merchant and an affiliate, where the affiliate earns a commission for creating sales, leads and clicks for the web site of the online merchant.

Affiliate marketing operates in a win-win situation for merchant and affiliate. The merchant gets the opportunity to advertise his products for free in front of a larger market which results in increase of sales. The more hard-working affiliates the merchant gets, the more sales he can expect to come back to him. By engaging affiliates to market the products and services, the merchant is saving time, effort and money in looking for eligible markets and customers. When a client clicks on the provided link in the affiliate website subsequently purchases the product, the site recommends it to other users who are looking for the same item or buys that product again.

7Sep 2016

Million Dollar Man – $1 Million in Google AdSense Earnings

google adsenseThey are naming him the million dollar man. Jason Calacanis recently publicised in his blog that he is on the track to earn a million dollars from AdSense in a year ahead.

And if that figure doesn’t wake you up and you are sitting on edge of your seat, consider this for a moment that Calacanis reached this level in less than one year. His company has started using AdSense in September 2004.

Jason Calacanis runs Weblogs Inc., which is a network dedicated to creating trade weblogs across the niche industries. And he quickly proved that AdSense is the credible advertising partner.

26Aug 2016

Gabbar Singh Management Lessons

gabbar singh sholayGabbar Singh was a *MANAGEMENT GURU* as is reflected in some of the timeless management lessons he delivered thru the movie *Sholay.*

Read On…They are awesome..!

1. *Jo Darr Gaya – Samjho Mar Gaya!*

Courage and enterprise are important factors for laying the successful foundation of a growth oriented business.

20Jun 2016

How to avoid spam emails

How to avoid spam emailsI am sure you know how annoying spam emails can be. A lot of sites ask for your email address. Once you give them your email address, they keep sending you newsletters. Of course you can unsubscribe or mark these emails as spam. But unsubscribing does not always work. A lot of sites also share your email addresses with their advertisers, who in turn send you spam emails.

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