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26May 2016

Why is it important to keep WordPress updated?

hacked WordPress sitesWordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the market and more than 65% of all the websites on the world, which run on a CMS, run on WordPress. However 4 of of 5 websites that get hacked run on WordPress too. Does this mean that WordPress is unsafe and insecure. No, that’s not the case. In fact WordPress is one of the most secure web applications out there.

23May 2016

How is a Hydrid mobile app different and why do you need it

mobile app developmentA hybrid mobile app is built using HTML, CSS and jQuery and runs inside a web wrapper component that gives access to native platform features. Hybrid mobile apps follow a “write once run anywhere” approach, making it possible to create a mobile app which runs across all platforms. This is in contrast to native mobile apps which run only on the platform they were created for – for example Android apps will only run on Android and not on the Apple OS.  One of the most popular platforms for creating hybrid apps is PhoneGap, which is also the platform we use at Digitalant.

28Jun 2015

Setting up Akismet on WordPress

Before you set up Akismet on your WordPress blog, you need an Akismet API key.  To get an Akismet API key, you need to have a free account. So head on over to the Akismet website and get an Akismet API key. If you already have a account you can sign on using your existing account or you can create a free account.

Once you sign in, you will be presented with an Akismet payment plan. You can select the payment plan that suits you. If you are using this on your personal blog or for non-commercial purposes, and you don’t want to pay anything you can select the donation plan and pull the “amount to donate” slider to zero. Akismet is an amazing service and it will save you a lot of time so if you are using this for a commercial site, you should definitely consider paying for it.

28Jun 2015

Manage WordPress comment spam automatically with Akismet

If you manage a WordPress site, you definitely know about comment spam. Users leave all sorts of comments on your WordPress site and sometimes it can be quite an ordeal to manage the comments. Akismet is a plugin which comes bundled with WordPress. It is a service from the makers of WordPress which uses a special algorithm to identify spam comments.

To set up Akismet on your WordPress site, please read: Setting up Akismet on WordPress

Once you have set up Akismet, it will start filtering your comments for spam. If you have a lot of spam it might be tempting to ask Akismet to delete the spam, but we find it hard to trust a software too much, so we like to put spam comments through a further test.

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