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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Improve your search engine optimization and build a community around your content

These days when technologies and graphics are in overdrive, when it comes to search engine result ranking, content still remains king. Search engines emphasize rich content over other parameters because people all over the world are looking for information and more fresh information about products and services. Digitalant, a company engaged in digital marketing in Guwahati, offers superior content marketing services to take your company to the next level and generate a ton of traffic you can convert to sales.

Content marketing is important. Even though the internet may have a deluge of information, people are still finding it difficult to zero in specifically on what they want. These people are decision makers and future clients should you have content that will inform them and influence their decision making. The finest agency involved in digital marketing in Guwahati, Digitalant offers content marketing services that will influence and enhance user experience. It will also serve to increase traffic to your site.


The process

  • Our content marketing team comprises of SEO professionals, digital marketing gurus and expert content writers as well as researchers. Working in tandem, our team first understands your company, products, operations, competition and target. We also analyze current scenario as regards content and then go on to initiate the content marketing process.
  • Our content writers curate relevant content, enhance it and add something new through a collaborative process with our clients. These contents include well researched keywords that people use to find products and that search engines zero in on.
  • Our SEO experts deploy such contents across article sites, PR sites, blogs and social media sites.
  • People looking for content find your information, appreciate it and possibly turn into customers or recommend your company to others.
  • Such content is also found by search engine spiders that crawl pages and assign importance based on how informative, new and unique such content is.
  • Posting on article sites and in blogs generates back links and referrals, also factored in by search engines in assigning rankings.

The Digitalant difference

  • Content is at the core of content marketing. We have a team of specialist writers with expertise in various topics and the ability to carry out research, compile information and create uniquely informative content with value addition. Content is original and written from scratch.
  • Uniquely informative content with value is published on a regular basis to ensure consistency. It is at the core of social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, PR, PPC and to driving relevant, targeted traffic with higher chances of conversion.
  • Our content marketing follows a well-defined, customized strategy for each client for higher impact.
  • Content marketing by Digitalant creates a unique, stand-out brand identity for you and your products.
  • Our content marketing is scalable and modular, helping you plan implementation according to your convenience and budget.
  • We assure long term, increasing returns the organic way.
  • Original content, checked for plagiarism, well structured to suit various channels to keep readers engaged and coming back for more.
  • Our strategy includes a plan, target audience, defining content, content marketing in various channels, metrics and modifications as we go along to ensure maximum ROIs.

We offer content marketing as a stand alone package or as an integral part of our SEO packages. We serve small, medium and large enterprises across the world and offer this service as an outsourced service for companies engaged in digital marketing. You will find us friendly, responsive and competent in delivering world class services at Indian prices.

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