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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Create beautifully designed responsive email newsletters which engages your customers with relevant content.

Marketing is all about creating a unique brand image and converting people into becoming loyal customers. Reaching out and keeping in touch as well as persuading them is all part of the process and in this digital age, there are several avenues such as websites, chat, SMS and social media. However, despite the rise of these channels, email, the old and trusted method of communication still remains the best value proposition as a marketing tool. Email marketing allows you to do more than just send across text or image; you can format text and include graphics, sound and video components in a compelling email newsletter. One of the leading company engaged in digital marketing in Guwahati, Digitalant offers superior email marketing services to help your company retain old customers and attract new ones.

The process

  • Our team of email marketing experts and SEO specialists converge with your team in an collaborative effort to define your objectives, product usage, target markets and competition that will help us create a custom campaign of email marketing.
  • We design a suitable campaign
  • We set up the infrastructure for bulk email marketing in your premises or make use of our already set up facilities for mass emailing.
  • Our graphic designers and content writers collaborate to create punchy, attention-grabbing email newsletters. Content is what matters and along with informative content we include news about developments and offers that will keep recipients engaged.
  • Our database specialists compile email addresses and categorize them into email lists
  • Our implementation team starts sending out emails to addresses in the lists.
  • This activity is monitored to judge responses, bounces and results on an ongoing basis in order to fine tune campaign and weed out those who have not responded or those who wish to opt out.

The Digitalant Difference

  • Experts in digital marketing in Guwahati, Digitalant has resources, capabilities and infrastructure to design and implement mass email marketing campaigns tailored to address specific regions in any part of the world.
  • We have exhaustive lists of email addresses in virtually category, vetted and verified.
  • The cohesive, well-planned strategic campaign generates hoped for results and business growth.
  • Given the quality of services, our rates are affordable.
  • We provide excellent support from start to finish and collaborate with your marketing personnel to achieve higher and better measurable results.
  • You can use email marketing not just for narrowly defined marketing objectives; we are equally adept in creating campaigns to create awareness, for social causes, to create publicity, send out special offers, generate sales or just about any purpose you have in mind.
  • We use a mix of manual human intelligence based process and leverage the power of automation to give the best result and optimized ROIs.

We offer email marketing services for small, medium and large enterprises in India and the world with a guarantee of a quantum increase in business and greater brand reputation. Our services are also available on off-shored basis for companies engaged in offering digital marketing services. Our services are world class, our prices are Indian.

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