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Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Reach out to thousands of potential customers through Facebook. Engage them in conversations with your brand.

Facebook is one of the best social media channels to reach out to a huge potential customer base. Digitalant, the finest company dedicated to digital marketing in Guwahati offers full Facebook advertising support. There are different ways one can advertise on Facebook. A simple presence with description of activities, inviting people to connect, is one form of marketing and advertising. You can go beyond to publishing sponsored stories generated using page likes, through Facebook apps or page post comments. A page post ad is another way to post ads on Facebook and the unique feature of this method is that the ad displays the same content as your Facebook page. The page post ad may display text, photo, link, video and queries. Going beyond this, advertisers can make ads appear in news feeds available for Facebook premium users with managed accounts. However sponsored stories can also be included in news feeds. One can create offers that work as ads on Facebook. Of these methods, advertising by placing offers in newsfeeds targeting specific audiences has proved to be the best. You can just as well prefer sidebar ads or combine the two methods to grab attention of target audience.

What we do

Digitalant, specialists in online marketing in Guwahati, offer the entire range of Facebook advertising services.

  • We analyze your product, target customers and competition
  • We analyze your Facebook presence and report on ways it can be enhanced.
  • Our Facebook advertising specialists create content that can be run as a sponsored story that can be shown as link or ad in news feeds.
  • We create banner ads and graphics that can be displayed in the right hand bar.
  • We extend support to Instagram advertising and manage your presence as well as advertising on this platform.
  • We create and deploy ads that will appear on mobile version of Facebook with appropriate call to action buttons.
  • Our Facebook advertising experts create campaigns, launch them and monitor status.
  • Our Facebook specialists work hand in hand with website designers to create appropriate leadpages and landing pages so that everything links together and works seamlessly, thus driving more traffic to your Facebook page and to your website.
  • Creation of fan pages
  • Deploy Facebook ads targeting specific customers in specific locations

Why Digitalant for Facebook Ads?

  • Digitalant, the leading company engaged in digital marketing in Guwahati has dedicated teams of Facebook specialists conversant with all aspects, even the latest updates and are, therefore, well situated to give you maximum returns for your investments.
  • Our strategically designed and deployed ads result in a deluge of traffic that you can convert with ease besides benefit of receiving email addresses to which you can send our regular offers.
  • Customized services, prompt attention, tracking of progress of Facebook ads and total management. You just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Facebook advertising services from Digitalant, specialists in online marketing in Guwahati, will transform your business and give you ever increasing flow of revenues. Just try us once. You will stay on Facebook for ever.

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