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Mobile Apps

Cross platform mobile apps

Mobile apps which work across Android, iOS and all other platforms

This is undoubtedly the golden age of the mobile device. Mobile usage is spreading phenomenally across the world and mobile devices are used for a variety of functions, not the least of which is to use apps. Any company that does not have a mobile app is missing out on a huge potential market. A mobile responsive website is not sufficient; you must have a mobile app specifically tailored for a purpose. The more apps you and the more these are specialized in functions, the better will your potential customers respond and use these apps. If it is an app they find useful, they will retain it and be reminded of your company each day. It is a superior way to stay embedded in the mass consciousness and generate possible future business.

As an established company in digital marketing in Guwahati, Digitalant offers custom mobile app development services. We have teams of mobile app development specialists with expertise in iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry app development using a variety of tools and technologies. Our mobile app specialists for iOS platform possess experience and expertise in leveraging the power of C while Android developers are Java Gurus. More to the point, what gives them a unique quality is their ability to think out of the box and come up with innovative apps that use the special features and facilities of mobile devices. For example, a mobile has several sensors that can be the basis for an app or become part of an app and deliver a unique user experience. The GPS facility is another feature we can leverage. We use basic technologies and also incorporate PhoneGap as a tool to create mobile applications.

Characteristics of Digitalant Mobile App Development

  • Custom developed mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry
  • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery based mobile app development
  • Designed for ease of use and compatibility across devices with varying hardware and software configurations
  • Easy to use, intuitive, logical user interface that contributes to an enhanced user experience
  • Extensively tested before deployment to assure the app is free of bugs
  • Easy upgrade path as your business or technologies evolve
  • Optimized for fast loading and flawless performance

The Digitalant difference

  • One of the finest companies engaged in offering digital marketing in Guwahati, Digitalant boasts of a team of qualified, expert and experienced developers thoroughly conversant with industry practices and with client expectations.
  • We listen to clients, recommend insightful ideas and work collaboratively in the mobile app development process.
  • Our team specializes in leveraging proven methodologies and using tools like Phonegap to cut short the development process and bring your products to market faster, resulting in your having an edge over the competition.
  • Our rates are fair and affordable given the quality and support.
  • Superior support from start to finish and beyond.

Digitalant will work as your mobile app developer and also assist with SEO and other techniques that will result in greater exposure and acceptability in the market. Our services are also available as off-shored services for global IT companies.

If you want mobile apps that will reach out, delight users and deliver an experience that will convert them into permanent customers, reach out to us. We will give your company a boost.

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