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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising

Advertise your brand on Google and other search engines and thousands of other partner sites

If you want a ton of traffic in the short term while your organic SEO strategies are under implementation, turn to PPC or pay per click advertising. Pay per click is a simple advertising process offered by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to name only the topmost. You pay for text ads that are displayed on search results page whenever anyone searches using a set of keywords.

How does PPC generate immediate and quality traffic? The answer is simple. PPC ads are displayed when people are searching for a product. This means they have already made up their mind about a product. The rest depends on the further process of engagement and conversion. PPC is the starting point. Surveys show that people view search results but are more likely to click on PPC ads because the ad offers exactly what they need.

The process would appear simple enough. You register for a PPC or search engine marketing program, pay  and sit back. Your ads will be displayed and, hopefully, you get immediate traffic that converts into sales. This, however, depends on a lot of factors. This is where Digitalant PPC campaign design and implementation makes a whole lot of difference to the money you spend and the results you get.

The process

Digitalant pay per click advertising specialists discuss your requirements and budgets, the geographic area you wish to target and the potential customers as well as competition and their products. This becomes the basis for carrying out research to find out what keywords people are using, research into competition and their use of keywords and then, developing a unique set of keywords. Next, we design a strategy of implementation deciding how and where the ads will appear and the time as well as the page on which the ads should appear. All these are directly linked to costs and results. We balance these factors. Content development is equally important as a way to persuade people who view such ads to click and for search engines to display the ad only when specific keywords are used. Content for PPC is developed by experts keeping these factors in mind. Deployment follows. This is closely tracked and monitored each day in order to track and analyze results on an ongoing basis to fine tune content, deployment and other factors. The end result is maximum convertible traffic at least cost.

The Digitalant advantage

We employ specialists thoroughly conversant with PPC campaigns of all top search engines. This gives us an edge in content design, deployment tactics such as bidding on keywords and geospecific targeting. We make expert use of click through rate, relevance and CPC bids in an effort to achieve the highest quality score yet spend the least. Your money goes the extra mile with our PPC ad campaigns. Negative keywords and expensive keywords are rooted out in order to reduce non-fruitful click-throughs. This goes hand in hand with creation of effective, linked landing pages. We get you immediate results. What you spend on PPC is recouped within a short time.

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