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7Oct 2016

What Does A Website Say About The Business?

businessQ. I own a small business and our product can’t be sold online at all. Do I really require a website?

A: Congratulations, you are the popular one millionth person to have asked me that question. Kindly smile for the cameras, brush on the streamers and confetti away from your hair and listen carefully. I would be answering for the millionth time what has become the most asked question of good digital business age.

However, before I do answer let us a flashback to the first time when I was asked this question. It was in 1998, during the initial toddler years of online Internet, after Al Gore claimed to give birth to Internet concept.

It was in a speech on impacts of Internet on small businesses at an association luncheon held in Montgomery, Alabama. My motto followed was: ‘Feed me and I will soon speak. It is still the same motto today, but I now expect good dessert for an exchange of sharing of my vast expertise wisdom.

In the year 1998, which was decades back in Internet years, the future of “e-commerce” as it is popularly known, was a guess by anyone. But the negative futurists supported that all signs signified that huge portion of business in future would be earned from good online or offline transactions resulting from online marketing activities.

So, if your business own a website, even if it is small and sells goods which you think can’t be sold online? My answer is the same even today: Yes, if you own a business, you should own a website. Without a doubt.

Now serving the customer one million and one-

Don’t be quick enough to dismiss your products as can’t be sold online. Nowadays very little can also be sold on the Internet. Every day more than 20 million shoppers stay online. They purchase anything from books to PCs and to cars, from real estate to jet airplanes and to natural gas. If you can well imagine it, someone will definitely figure out how to sell that online.

Let me though clarify one point: I am not stating that you put all your hard efforts into selling your goods over the Internet. Though if your product leads to easy and best online sales, you certainly should consider doing it.

The point stated here is that you should at least have a good presence on the World Wide Web so that the customers. Then any potential employee, business partners or even investors can easily get more information about your business and the goods you offer. That said and done, it’s however, not enough to just own a website.

Increase business through website

You should own a professional looking website if you want people to take you seriously. Many consumers nowadays search for information online before purchasing at a brick & mortar store. Your website stands the first chance you have to make a good impression on the potential buyer. If your website looks bland and disorganized, your chance of getting the first impression will be totally lost.

One of the superb things about the Internet service is that it has levelled the field for all when is about competing tough. As mentioned before, you have just one shot at making the good first impression and with the help of a well-designed website. Your little project can showcase the image and professionalism as of a larger developed company. The inverse, however, is also very true. I’ve seen big company websites which were badly designed and difficult to navigate. They resulted in lack of professionalism and good credibility.

If your business is small, when it comes to benefiting from a good website, size does not matter at all. I don’t care if you are in a one-man show or have a ten thousand employee’s corporate giant. If you don’t own a website, you lose businesses to other companies. Here’s the simple exception to my rule. It is better to not have a website rather than to own a bad website for worst businesses.

Your website speaks out volumes about your businesses. It would either says, “Hey there, look, we take our businesses so seriously that we created an amazing website for customers!”. It may also say, “Hey there, I let my ten-year-old nephew design my site! Good luck finding anything!”