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24Sep 2016

Do Small Businesses Require Websites?

Ask that question and I would answer in a single word, ‘Yes!’ Businesses, big or small need websites. small business website

The internet has become the topmost marketing tool in existence nowadays. It has the capability of reaching out to far more people than any drop leaflet or any advertisement in the local paper can ever do.

Should you produce or set up your own website?

It depends solely on your skills. If you possess the ability to set up a website which looks good enough, then go ahead. It will save you more money and will also work wonders as a perfect marketing tool. However, if you do not have skills or the skills are limited, then the answer would be no. Why? It is a no because we require your money (although we won’t mind if you wish to give it away to us). It is because if your website doesn’t possess a professional look, then it would reflect a very bad company image of yours.

Do you really require spending lots of money?

It depends purely on the size of the website, if you are looking to get hold a good presence on the internet, then you can easily earn something around £250. This is possible if you give time to look on or if you really get into the bright idea of being online totally and effectively you’re your shop existing in cyberspace, you really would be looking at more and more money. However, even so, there are multiple self-build options such as ‘Ekmpowershop’.

What online content do you require?

All this depends on what you look for from being online. If you wish to sell online, then having your products online would be very useful! If you are just looking to get your company effectively online, then there are two main elements that we believe are very imperative:

  • Information about the company
  • How can they contact you!


Without these two main priorities, no-one would know about you, with the former point being your chance to sell yourself online. Remember that when people have a look at websites, if it is a well-designed one, they won’t be aware whether they’re dealing terms with a multi-national company or with a one person organization. Then this is your chance to well play alongside the big boys!!

What should you do now?

So you’re fully convinced that a website is a way to go forward? Excellent then! This can only benefit you much! Now all you’ve got is to find a designer. The things to keep in mind whenever searching for is what kind of style would you prefer, find multiple websites which you like and then find some good designers and see whether they can produce anything along that line! If they can do it, you’re fully on the way to bringing into good being who can turn up  to be one of your best employees!!