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Web Design

Responsive websites to build your brand

Display information about your products and services. Sell through eCommerce. Integrate your website with social media.

Websites are more than showcases for a company’s products. Today’s websites are feature rich and enable a company to carry out interaction with vendors, customers and employees. Websites are also the framework for ecommerce and other transactions specific to an organization. Each client is different and requires a website that really works as a powerful business tool. This is where Digitalant shines. As a leading company engaged in digital marketing in Guwahati, we provide custom web development services tailored to a client’s requirement.

Our processwebdevelopment process-map

Much before the actual development takes place, we engage with clients to understand their business, method of operation, expectations, target markets and the competition. We follow this up with a discussion. It does happen that some clients may not be aware of the possibilities of having a feature rich website and we provide convincing examples of how superior web development resulting in a website that actually works to promote business is a better option than a static website. Discussions lead to a framework of agreement and development of a project with timelines. Our web development is well architectured, scalable and proceeds in an agile fashion with our clients always kept informed. Development is followed by rigorous testing for ease of use, logical navigation structure, functionality of embedded apps, page load speeds and other factors to ensure 100% defect-free website. Deployment follows and we provide back up support and services at all times thereafter.

What we do

We can develop highly functional and aesthetically designed websites with a logical, intuitive, easy to use front end that looks strikingly good while hiding a host of functionalities underneath.

  • Our teams use a variety of open source technologies selected to suit the website functions. We can pick from PHP/MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Ruby on Rails and similar technologies to power up sites with rich functionality.
  • Our team also includes WordPress experts who will help in creating a highly interactive feature-rich website with ecommerce integration, customized content management system, social media integration and visitor interaction.
  • Our experts can come up with responsive website design in order to help you take advantage of mobile device users. People are increasingly making use of mobile devices to browse the web, buy things and carry out transactions. Our responsive website design service helps you tap into these markets with websites that are functional, easy to use and display uniformly regardless of hardware/software/screen configurations.

What we can develop

A well-known agency engaged in digital marketing in Guwahati serving Indian and global customers, we are adept at customized website development for:

  • E-commerce
  • Social media sites
  • Portals
  • B2B & B2C sites
  • Institutional sites, transactional sites
  • Corporate websites
  • Database driven websites

What sets us apart?

  • We adopt a custom approach to each client and tailor make a website to suit his business objective. We spare no time or effort in developing a website that is endowed with cutting-edge technologies and becomes the platform for business.
  • Each site is SEO optimized in terms of layout, navigation, theme, content, links and tags. Your site is easily found in search engines and rises to the top.
  • Each site has content written by experts using well-researched keywords to be SEO friendly and informative at the same time. Content keeps visitors returning and the way it is delivered results in lowest bounce rates and highest engagement levels. Our websites convert visitors into customers.
  • Scalable, modular architecture, easy to upgrade and modify as your business evolves and technologies change.

Trust us. Hundreds have done so and have gained momentum in business.

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