Importance of digital marketing

Going by the recent statistics, India rates among the top five internet users in the world and therefore it is important for brands to focus more on the importance of digital marketing. The average Indian spends about three to four hours at a stretch browsing social media sites.

Leveraging digital media

How Airtel did it?

Take one, if we look at the Airtel campaign, we understand very clearly that they worked on the digital strategy to woo the online audience. Airtel successfully used digital medium to convert the viewers attraction to a long lasting relationship. How well we remember the campaigns:

Har ek friend zaroori hota hai

The 4g campaign and the latest Special surprises for Airtel broadband users.

Obviously, the objective was to leverage social media marketing and build long term relationships. What did Airtel do? In the first place, Airtel clearly understood the Indian mindset, it gave a human touch to it’s ad and used Facebook and Twitter to the hilt. Not only this,the brand has a strong digital presence with three new videos as part of their digital campaign for 4G Home WiFi. One of the videos is about a stockbroker, who started trading in stocks from home. Of course, he is using the good 4G network, for running his business from home.


Bonding, the Surf Excel way

Take two, if we look closely at the Surf Excel digital campaign promoting parent child bonding. What do we see? First we notice the catchphrase – TV on. The campaign carries forward the brand proposition of “Daag acche hai”. The advertisement has focused on the theme of life, bonding, nature, and it has subtle hints against excessive TV addiction. Surf took the campaign to the next level by asking mother’s to log on to a particular URL and other social media websites and take a pledge to spend time with their children. Surf’s digital PR also include mom’s blogger engagement program and so the human touch took the brand to another level altogether.


If we study the Surf Excel “Ready for life” campaign or its digital platforms. We have a mother’s narrative, her son’s passion for football, mother unmindful of mucky T-shirts. Son gives soccer shoes to his friend who is selected for the soccer team. The voice over says: Surf Excel believes sharing helps kids get ready for life. Here too it is the human element which has been the crucial element in the wide acceptance of the campaign.


The Vodafone plan

Take three, if we study the strategy of second largest telecom service provider in India, Vodafone India. It is clear that they are expecting cellular data services to play a key role in its overall growth as  a brand. Vodafone has focused primarily on TV, followed by on ground and digital activation. The Brand has stressed on the SuperNet attributes. For instance watching HD movies, making video calls and staying connected with friends from anywhere.

Vodafone has made broad plans to run their campaign across all the mediums. They supported it strongly by the digital medium, which includes the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Vodafone has it’s presence in Social Media through Vodafone India and ZooZoo pages.


Droom, the resale funda

Take four, The Droom campaign for pre-owned vehicles. Through its data science based approach and “Resale ka MRP” campaign, the ad underlines how the strategy does away with all the discrepancies that have plagued the segment so far with non-standard pricing. The campaign also used a interaction between friends to showcase how opinions can often differ when it comes to agreeing on the value of a used car.


Surviving digitally

A close study of the digital strategies by different brands indicate that everyone is seeking a digital narrative for enhancing their brand image. Therefore to survive in today’s competitive market scenario; it is must for Indian businesses to have a well-integrated internet marketing strategy. Digital Marketing scope in future of marketing will not only let businesses survive but also thrive in the most result-oriented fashion. India is poised to have nearly 500 million users on the internet by 2018, according to Facebook. So , it becomes imperative to chalk out a digital marketing strategy to rise above the average and survive the race in the future.