Good content: The secret of 8 successful Indian brands

Good content is nothing short of being the holy grail in the digital marketing world. Only the best of the knights complete the quest successfully and that too each time. Because, the secret of their success lies in the knowledge of knowing what they are searching for and how they are doing it.

Let us look at the performance of nine brands that have been consistently doing a great job of being at the top, due to the use of great content.



This brand has been consistently following the same formula of success. They produce and use superb content, they promote it on social sites. Zomato strongly believes in quality over quantity and do not follow the thumb rule of one post daily at all. Part of their efficiency in doing so well goes to their well planned postings in every network.


The Oreo story

How powerful content is to increase brand awareness is illustrated in the best way by Oreo’s brand awareness campaign with #dailydunks. The brand used Ranbir Kapoor and quality content and cracked the Britannia and Parle citadel. Furthermore Oreo too featured children as the main protagonist supported by the celebrity.



The success mantra of Amul is largely due to their stand on social issues. The appeal of Amul is also in the way they have always presented their stand through the now famous ‘Amul girl’. Amul has immense visibility on Twitter as well as Facebook. Part of Amul’s success goes to their technique of reaching out to the masses in each of their content.


Vogue India

Vogue primarily a fashion and lifestyle platform changed their stance in India. They took up women issues like violence against women and women empowerment as their topic. Powerful content and scripted videos using celebrity faces did the rest. Their USP was good storytelling and star power. Moreover, the India-centric story line helped in the brand’s popularity.



Flipkart is known for it’s creative use of narrative and it’s portrayal by child actors. Since the brand used children as protagonist the cute quotient worked. The timing of their punchline and sense of humor have brought smiles to the viewers of the Flipkart ads. Their USP has been strategy, interactive presentation and powerful content.

The video is highly interesting and covers everything connected with marriage. Each video focussed on a different aspect of marriage. Visible on Youtube as well as on Social media, has different content for each. Their USP: Digging into human emotions. Good sense of humor and powerful content.


Imperial Blue

Who can ignore the ‘Men will be Men’ campaign. Another great example of content strategy is that of the whiskey giant. The campaign used well scripted video marketing strategy to project a fine sense of male psychology. This whiskey giant has used fresh content for for each video and spread laughter always. Their USP: Fresh content.


OLX India

OLX is the place for reselling. Everything in their presentation echoes their tagline: Where buyers meet sellers. Their USP: Humor, star factor and common issues.


A close look at all of these brands content strategy shows that creativity counts the most. Therefore, great content matters and content creation should be audience specific. Also video marketing and humor factor is the future hence celebrity association is desirable. Moreover, the audience likes to associate their brand with their favorite celebrity. Consequently the visualizers of the content strategy weave in stories with particular celebrities in mind.