The most common reaction I get by people to my revelation that I am a blogger, and I write blogs to earn is a surprised look and a reaction which translates into Oh! That must be so easy. You can just earn a packet by tapping a few keys or simply scribbling your thoughts.The most common mistake people believe and actually think that writingCommon mistakes in writing blogs or blogging does not tax the gray cells at all. I simply do not bother explaining, I actually wait for them to try and write their own first blogs. By God! They are singing a different tune altogether pretty soon when they realize it is not that easy to write blogs.

To be a good blogger as in any other career choice one needs to keep some important points in mind. For starters, let me simply tell you about the most recurring follies new bloggers are capable of making, and which can actually be avoided.

Great ideas can come anytime

But one thing you need to keep in mind is although ideas may pop up at any moment, the ideas themselves should never be random. A goCommon mistakes in writing blogsod idea, in general, may not be the best idea for your business or your company. You should not forget that the objective behind your blogging is to grow your business; therefore your blogs should be able to promote the growth of your company’s goals.

Be natural in writing blogs

Writing a blog post is way different from writing an academic paper. After all who reads all that jargon anyway? Let your style go with a natural flow to it and keep it as close to your conversational style as possible. People will love it if you stay close to real conversational style. Please do keep away from difficult to decipher words; no one carries a dictionary anyway.

You are not visible your writing is

The harsh truth is the first time bloggers think that their pCommon mistakes in writing blogsersonal stories and interests are of importance and people will read them but that’s not so. Readers are more interested in the information they get or in what they might learn. Let your writing reveal your personality traits. It is up to your way of penning your thoughts and how you choose to do it. Remember most readers will relate to a real person and not an artificial one.

Your subject is big

Your choice of topic should be something you can manage and actually understand. Avoid topics that are far too broad. Remember specific or particular topics that concentrate on broader issues can only get a particular audience. So, get way more specific.

Do not dump your thoughts

Simply putting your thoughts to paper as the idea comes is not the right way to do it.Moreover, using the stream-of-consciousness style of writing does not suit blog posts. Blogs need to be arranged in an organized way. First things first decide on what you are going to write about, make an outline basing on your idea. This will help you to write logically and in a fluid way. It is like developing a story from an outline. It is a good idea to use small headers for each section. It makes the reading easier and it also lets you write easily.

Use data as evidence

Any article or piece of writing gets credibility if supported by research and data. Businesses need to convince their target audience and to do this they need to back up whatever they are talking about by evidence. To put it simply the trick is to use data to support your discussion to make your argument more credible.

Do not be a copy paste

Do not ever take to the copy and paste option to get things done the easier way. You can’t. Nothing beats the original and a copy is always a poor version. Moreover, anyone can tell if the work is a duplicate and it does not really work. It also creates legal issues, so, stay away from such shortcuts. It is better to cite other writers content.

Review and edit

You should always review your writing and edit it and believe me it sure will spruce up your work. Editing is needed for even seasoned writers. So use those thirty minutes to fix errors and typos.

Perfection is desired

You cannot be perfect each time you write a line. So, let go at times and it should do. Believe me; it is only human to err at times. Relax; it is normal to go wrong sometimes.

Be consistent with your blogging

Consistency is a good habit and it pays in the long run. For beginners, it is all the more important to be regular with your postings. Plan a good strategy, what to write on, how often and when. Quality content is the force to get that number one slot in Google pages. So, be consistent and write carefully. Plan, plan and plan. You can plan your publishing schedule according to the frequency your write.

Do not concentrate on immediate traffic.

Do not be in a hurry to generate traffic to your blog posts. This is an error made by most bloggers. Another is to give up too soon. Give yourself enough time and focus on organic traffic. Think future, think long term. Try to write on topics or in a style that never goes out of style. These eternal writings or blog posts are sure to keep the flow going and a good search engine optimization drives a consistent traffic to your blogs.

Subscribers are not grown

Blogging does not mean that you get new visitors each time. It is a way of sharing your content and steadily growing your subscribers’ list. It is your subscribers who will boost up your traffic and this will later go towards a long-term benefit.

*These articles have been published in the leading newspaper of Assam, The Assam Tribune, in the Monday supplement of the daily.

Minakshi Mishra

Content Head,

Digital Ant,Guwahati