Starting a blog is easy and fun too, the hard part is sticking to the topic chosen. For most of us who are new to writing or blogging and are not quite savvy with the nuances of blogging tends to shift from one topic to another.
We scan and choose from the endless topics we can think of, and end up choosing to write on the latest fad. We might write about the new eatery on the block, or the latest smartphone in vogue or maybe a new musical band in town the next week. Now, this is where we stumble upon-we fail to get our targeted audience.
In my series about blogging, today I would like to share a few tips new bloggers should keep in mind while choosing topics to write about.

You need to find a good niche

Now, what is a good niche for any blog-good traffic plus money value? And most importantly a good blogger should always pick current topics to write about. Anything which is relevant to the times should generate interest among readers.
The four most important points that you should note for writing a ‘niche blog’;
1 Focus on your interest area.
2 Does it have a monetary value?
3 Monthly/yearly searches.
4 Topics, trends, and its future life.

Wreck your brains

Coming back to the first point or key area, any potential blogger should first of all focus inward and zero in on the point of interest. Better still make a list of all the topics that interest you. You may be interested in 20 or even more, it is of little consequence.
Is there a monetary value?
Many bloggers tend to think that it is right to write about the popular trends that everyone is crazy about or which is most talked about topic. How could it be right to simply write on a topic precisely for that reason?

How can you write about things you know nothing about?

Of course, the Net can give you the information and you can blog about it but you will have to be surfing the Net constantly for info and educate yourself to answer the queries or comments.So, where does this lead you? Hours of surfing the Net, reading and producing quality content on a topic that least interests you.
So, point to be noted
Do not pick on topics you are not interested in.

Competition-how to tackle it?

So, you choose to write about golf. You love the game and know much about it. But there are maybe 100 more blogs on the same sport. So what do you do? Jump to another topic that is interesting to you, pet grooming and care. Well, maybe the topic has not much or zero competition. Wait a second. Is the topic in demand?
So, what do you do?

Balance, balance, and balance. It’s all about striking a balance among trends, interest, and competition. Try to make your blog more interesting by making it interacting. Maybe adding a free counseling section or your story section could do the trick to attract readers.

Long life

The trick to always be in demand is to have an eye for timeless topics or which have a longer life. Personally, I feel, blogs about common problems of life, human interest and personal care(beauty, health, mental and physical well-being) are evergreen. The range may also include food, culture, and travel. Personal blogs are acceptable only if they touch a universal chord somewhere.
Why would anyone read your blog?
They could only if you can offer something different, unique to the readers. Good style in writing, thorough academic knowledge, and first-hand experience or a combination of all of these is sure to get you, readers.
Many successful bloggers have turned life-changing experiences as ‘good niche’ topics and cashed on its popular acceptance.
So, to round it off, blogging is all about sharing what you are passionate about. Blogging is also about educating your own self and sharing the knowledge with others.