Gone are the days when you could just put up an ugly website, throw up not so good content, build a few links and expect to rank well. Today, you actually have to build a good website, write quality content that solves people’s’ problems, build thousands of links and get a lot of social shares. But there is one big issue: it’s hard to achieve all of this. Building thousands of quality links literally by hand can get to be expensive, and even if you have the money, it will take ages, to build those links. And if you don’t have anything worth sharing on the social web, you won’t get social shares unless you buy them from spam accounts.

So, how do you build thousands of links naturally and get thousands of social shares? You can use content marketing. Content marketing is the cheapest way to do SEO these days. Not only does well written content produce links at a quicker pace than building them manually, but it’s also cheaper. Plus, your content gets shared on Twitter, Face book, Google+ and Pinterest.

Content marketing and paid SEO

There is one huge difference between paying to get noticed by viewers and spending the money on content marketing. Content marketing doesn’t get affected by algorithm updates, while paid Search Engine Optimization does (SEO) does. Search engines can tell when you provide value, and they want to make sure your content stays high in the rankings.

Short term solutions may increase or may not increase your rankings and traffic, so, invest in the long term solution of content marketing. Now that you know content marketing is the key to increase SEO rankings, you also have to know that spending money on it doesn’t guarantee results. Studies have shown that certain content writing gets better results than others.

Short blog posts tend to get fewer links than detailed, thorough content.

So, the focus should be on quality. Presenting complex data in an easy to understand visual format, can get millions of visitors to your website. It is important that you have a powerful social profile for a successful content marketing strategy, Twitter or Facebook to spread your content.

Make sure you have email opt-in forms in your sidebar and leverage pop-ups to collect even more emails. If you have a proper email list, you can always email it each time you publish a new blog post or content piece. This is an easy way to boost the whole process.

If you are not able to publish content on a regular basis, no matter how good your content is, it will be difficult to get good traffic out of your content marketing. Make sure you publish content on a regular basis.