If you a small business owner and have not promoted your business on Twitter, you are the odd man out as everyone else on the planet with access to the Web or a cell phone is using Twitter. According to latest statistics, more than 310   million people are using Twitter and there are 500 million tweets sent a day. Twitter seems to be following on the footsteps of blogs. First it started with only a few users, and just for personal use. Then a lot more users started using Twitter and then there was an expansion of users.

And then the businesses started realizing that something major is happening over there and it might be the next big thing in business promotion. Studies say that forty-seven percent of people who browse and follow a brand on Twitter are much more likely to visit that company’s website. So, you can see why 65.8% of U.S. companies and an increasing number of companies closer to home are now using Twitter for marketing purposes.

Why you should be using Twitter?

Everybody is using it

The guy at the convenience store down the street, the artist next door, Microsoft in fact 74% of the big companies use Twitter and 377 of the Fortune 500 companies have a corporate Twitter account.

You are in if you are on Twitter

Twitter is good visuals

If you use Twitter it proves that your small business is participating in social media and you are a happening outfit that people might be interested in doing business with. Your business promotion story does not stop with simply a website anymore.

The fast way to get your message across

You can instantly let your potential and existing customers know your news, whether it’s about an announcement or the launch of a new product, a special deal, or an upcoming event that they may be interested in. Today, it is the norm for businesses to advertise on Twitter, and it’s even easier to reach the potential customers you want to reach