Freelancing is one such professions where there is enough liberty for you to become your own boss. Freelance work can offer significant advantages to a traditional job by representing attractive career alternatives. A viable alternative to a regular 9 to 5 job is something common for people who want to carve out a niche of their talents by being productive at the cost of their comfort. It is a massive platform for beginners to experienced ones to explore their interests of work and get in touch with co-workers of similar interests.

Freelance Digital Marketing and the way forward

Students who aim to enhance their creativity as well as analytical skills, or those in view of exploring the digital world, Freelancing can be a pocket friendly investment for them. They can think of making the digital platform as their work place and the work they receive as their projects. As the digital space is reflecting a tremendous growth, working as a freelance digital marketer will give them a lot of enjoyment, experience, pride and money all under one roof.

Freelance work has both risk and responsibility attached to it. But the benefits of being a freelancer can make up for the risks involved within the process. In the growing world of digitalization, where having a laptop with a high-speed internet connection is all you need to work from anywhere in the world, freelancing surely has an upper hand over all kinds of work.
It is a well-known fact that any type of work you do demand a certain set of skills, Freelancing is no different. Once you know the technical as well as creative etiquettes of it, you have an ocean of work to jump into. For its highly flexible time frame and freedom to choose work, Freelancing has now become a profession of the young generation.

Before moving forward to some of the freelance sites, it is imperative for you to answer whether you are a buyer or a seller. There are plenty of people out there who are in search of work from both the seller and the buyer point of view. So, it is better to decide beforehand about the services you are going to put in front of the audience.

Let us now explore some of the freelancing websites for students who are beginners or have started doing Digital Marketing recently.

College Recruiter

This website is particularly designed for students or recent graduates who are in search of freelance jobs. You can browse through the portal and can apply to the jobs listed there. This freelance site serves the purpose of earning some extra amount of money with the freedom to grow professionally. Unique features of the website includes :

Job search Advice Portal : This particular tab give students access to all the beneficial tips from professional resumes and cover letters to interviews and networks. Everybody wants a job backed by a good salary package, which in turn can provide financial independence to them. Once they click on this tab, they are guided towards different etiquettes used in professional workspace.

Provides entry level jobs : The unique feature of College Recruiter is, it provides for entry level jobs suitable for the beginners. Whether you have past work experience or not, this freelance site give ample opportunities for beginners to explore some of the leading media recruiting companies.


This website has a user-friendly interface to surf through many of its useful tabs. It is one of the most recommended freelance sites for those who want to establish themselves as a Freelancer. You can bid for your work according to different jobs listed there. Once the bidding is over, a simple scrutiny of the applications is carried out and results are conveyed to the bidders via email. Unique features of the website includes :

Open Projects and contests : The site consists of different open projects to bid for within a stipulated period of time. It gives you ample of opportunities to browse through the kind of projects you are interested in. The categorization of work can help the users not to spend too much time searching over a particular type of job. Once you complete your profile with necessary skill sets, you can search for jobs that can range from local to international based on fixed price or hourly projects.

Live Chat Option : The unique feature of this website is that it comes with a Live Chat Option to help the freelancers get constant updates from the recruiter about the status of work and their payments. There also exist a support team of real people who are easy to connect 24/7 with all the necessary queries.


This website is a beginner treat to those who are in search of good quality freelance work. You can make a decision whether a particular client is a good match to your work or not. Guru makes it easy for freelancers and recruiters to interact, collaborate and connect for high end quality content. You can create your freelance account in minutes and submit your quotes to open jobs listed there. Employers will review the quotes and get back to you within 24 hours, if it suits their priorities. Unique features of the website include :

Skill categories and Location : There are more than 3 million+ professional services you can search over Guru. The Skill Category Tab help you to find different skills that matches with your individual profile. Also the Location Tab can let you choose location according to your convenience such as any location, city based location or any particular country.

Budget Type Tab : The Budget Type tab is basically where you set your budget for your services. It can be adjusted by choosing three sub categories like All jobs, Fixed Price or Payment through hourly basis. The featured and the verified payment jobs are listed at the top of the dashboard for user convenience.


This freelance site is a marketplace for freelance entrepreneurs to display their work on the basis of what they are good at rather than waiting for companies to post jobs that freelancers are able to apply. Here the freelancers are able to put their services into categories by using different keywords. Freelancers can bid their price at $5 per project which is not a requirement but the initial bidding price for your services. Unique features of the websites includes :

Popular Professional Services : Fiverr is the best place to explore different market places across the world. Small or big anybody can explore Fiverr and get in touch with the necessary tools for the growth in their businesses. It has also been estimated that by 2020 Freelancing will make up over half of the digital workforce and hence Fiverr appears to be the best platform for the same.

Fiverr Guides : The Fiverr guide tab is the best place to explore within the Fiverr domain. It comes with different informative blogs like Creating Websites, Growth with Digital Marketing, Building a strong Brand and many more. Anyone can make use of it for their betterment and growth in business. These blogs provide tips and resources for every small business, entrepreneur and freelancer, no matter how beginner or experienced they are in the industry.


This is slightly an advanced digital platform for Freelancers. You can make use of this site once you have a handful of work experiences from the past. You are required to sign up for the website and fill in the required set of skills you are good at. It is better to go for more than 20 skills so that the recruiter can have a better understanding of your profile along with your skills. Because of the presence of a wide range of works, anyone is likely to find jobs that suit their interests. Unique features of the website includes-
Review process- After you fill up your application with the necessary information such as skills and experiences , your application is put under review for the next 24 hours. As Upwork is trusted by 5 million established companies, it is important for the Upwork team to engage the best minds into their pool of freelancers. Once you are done filling up your skills and experiences, your application is put under review for 24 hours by the Upwork team. The Upwork support team shall let you know about the status of your application within 24 hours via email.

Collaborate Easily : With Upwork it is easy to collaborate, chat, video call , share files and track the progress milestones from the Laptop or your Android phone. You can also choose the offerings that best suit your needs and interests. You can search for interesting projects and be part of most established and well known companies in the world.

Thousands of companies, startups and ecommerce sites are hiring human resource from these freelance sites. Therefore, they can be adjudged as the best platforms to start off your business initially and reach greater heights with frequent and active participation in future.

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