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Pay Per Click

The PPC acronym stands for ‘Per Per Click’ and means that advertiser does not pay for displaying an advertisement. Instead the advertiser only pays when the advertisement is clicked.

pay per click advertising in Guwahati

What do you get out of PPC?

  • You get control over your campaign
    Platforms such as Google AdWords allows the advertiser to create their own settings to tailor their PPC marketing campaign to the target audience. It’s this autonomy which tries to facilitate value for each penny spent.
  • You get instant traffic
    Once you are happy with your campaign and once set live, you’ll be generating clicks instantly.
  • You can utilize Laser Targeting
    By considering information such as location, language and type of device allows for more autonomy over who sees the ad.

Pay only for performance

The great news is that when you only pay for the people who actively engage with your PPC advertising you aren’t wasting money on expensive offline advertising where people were passive and were untraceable.

Easy to measure results

Google AdWords provides smart analysis to help develop your Search strategy to
see improved results.

Generate Leads through PPC