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Social Media Marketing

We speak to the customers directly through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Our work involves creating and sharing content on social media networks to achieve marketing goals by posting texts and images, videos to engage the audience.The effectiveness of our social media marketing campaign lies within setting a clear path to connect, grow, lead and engage with audiences.

Social MEdia Marketing in Guwahati

Customized content

We set the brand tone and approach across social media platforms suited to each environment and we see that there is an authentic approach to align your brand with vision and business approach. You get the most out of crafted Facebook posts and monitored use of Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Every social network is unique. Posts crafted for Facebook do not necessarily work well on Twitter. So we customize the content of every post based on the best practices defined by the social network.

Images and infographics are very important in the case of Social Media. For every post we design the image based on the content of the post. The images are designed according  to the guidelines published by the particular social network.

We also use a variety of other post options like carousels, polls, contests, videos and others. This increases user engagement and results in more reach.